«Art Jazz Cooperation 2015», Opening the festival curtain

In early August, many jazz lovers in Rivne and Lutsk are waiting for traditional festival posters, and wondering what surprises and emotions the festival will bring

We're happy even with the very fact that in the last days of summer, namely 27 - 29 August 2015 VIII International Jazz Festival "Art Jazz Cooperation" once again become action, which will visit a special audience - people who are able to experience the beauty of jazz, and accept skip itself through its messages, understand the emotions on the faces of the musicians while playing with his own, original, interesting vision, and that at the end of the festival will be happy jazz, presenting memories in their Facebook pages and sharing good music with your friends.

This conscious audience in our view creates a cultural elite that can perform great things together and make our cities more progressive. We have seen that even when the VII International Jazz Festival «Art Jazz Cooperation» held under the slogan «Make jazz, not war».


This year's festival slogan sounds different, in our view equally important, namely as "The art of being free." We want to learn this art with you, because their vision and concept of art to share with you not only the musicians on the stages dzhazuvatymut «Art Jazz Cooperation 2015", but also artists, combining various genres of art in the subject of jazz music.


We present the official festival line-up soon, but for now we want to introduce you to a bright representative art to be free, such as jazz guru Ukrainian Oleksii Kohan that the international jazz festival "Art Jazz Cooperation" August 28 in Lutsk Castle and 29 August MuzDramTeatri the author will present the program "Jazz history with Alex Kogan"


In Alexis many faces - author and presenter of over 5,000 radio programs, art director of the festival "Alfa Jazz Fest in Lviv", producer and art director of "Jazz in Kiev", curator Voloshynska Scene festival "Jazz Koktebel", a member of the International Association of Jazz journalists.


In 2014 Alex presented the audio book "Jazz with Alex Kogan: Jazz history." Following the release of an audiobook followed the presentation of live readings - this is the author's program "Jazz history." With tremendous experience with legendary musicians and bands, Alex Kogan shares his memories with the public. Jazz history - a short essay on music, people, meetings and impressions, many funny and interesting musical fables, cool jazz and great atmosphere.

Of course, no music can not talk about music because reading is followed by Alexis best live performance of jazz artists such as Bohdan Kravchuk - saxophone, Vladimir Lyhoshvy - guitar, Vladimir Kaminsky - keyboards, Alexei Kogan - bass, and Valery Volkov - drums. The music that will be heard during the readings, supports the story, the story emphasizes the accents and create audioilyustratsiyi.


Team VIII International Jazz Festival "Art Jazz Cooperation" expresses its gratitude to the partners of the festival, without which the jazz festival would not be possible, namely:

  • Partners of the event - trademark "Buchach" and insurance company "PZU Ukraine";
  • Regional partners of the festival in Rivne.: IT-company "Softserve", the company "Dyckerhoff Ukraine" and the company "Reno";
  • Consulate General of Poland in Lutsk Mayor. Rivne Volodymyr Khomko and the Office of Culture and Tourism of Rivne and Volyn regional state administrations;

Follow the news on the official festival website and social networks. The names of the other participants in the VIII International Jazz Festival "Art Jazz Cooperation" will be announced shortly.

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