AJC 2001


Second day.
The second concert of the festival day was a day of this year's headliner - the soul and the voice of the legendary group De Phazz and simply charismatic Charles Frirsona. But to speak of German jazz musicians, equations discovering Ukrainian jazz as normal and youth, and not usual, but with national overtones.
The first public Rivne presented jazz quintet «Sauce Band» from Kyiv. These young, promising guys who created a team less than a year ago, has managed to bring many cities of Ukraine, in Ukrainian jazz is a great future. Rivne to liked this fresh approach, when jazz takes a modern record, while not losing their traditions. The final track - a cover of «Come Together» legendary The Beatles - winds up room and the guys left behind a wonderful memory.
The next audience member was waiting with a special look, since long before the festival, equations have been nasluhani of extraordinary jazz musicians, who play jazz on Bandura! As at all possible - to combine such a complex, folk instrument, as Bandura and improvisational style - jazz? Odessa young musician George Matviiv proved it. In addition, he showed that it is not only possible but also very beautiful and fascinating. During his speech he introduced improvisation on the theme of Ukrainian folk songs, original songs and even videos on one of them. Participants remained enthusiastic about the heard. Perhaps long ago, the first Ukrainian minstrels also played jazz? ..
Finally, after the traditional intermission, the time of the speech, which all so waited. A few months before the festival, the city shyrylys rumors - and not advertising this course - that will come to Rivne world jazz star, Karl Frirson? Do not want the organizers so easy to lure people to the festival a little more?
All wrong guesses have fallen to the side as soon as the scene of the Rivne regional music and drama came out this smiling, full of energy and charisma rare performer. Applause long abated, until the musicians Frirsona - Kharkiv «Accoustic Quartet» - did not begin to play. Such familiar and beloved songs, during which it was difficult to stay and sing along. As always special, Carl Frirson danced with the microphone stand, then confessed her feelings, went down in the hall, the audience (from which all passion knew no boundaries), devoted to his romantic songs of each of the women present in the hall. Flurry of applause did not go away. As later admitted in an interview with singer, here in Ukraine, Rovno, out of this scene - is the real Charles Frirson, so it is. And the reason why he so often happens in Ukraine, is not known whether they zihralys so well together with the Kharkov acoustic quartet, whether it is here that he is looking for a woman of his dreams. However, just know one thing - Ukraine Frirson loved. As Ukraine Frirsona love! As a musician himself, "Love Ukrainian audience - the largest among all that I just met."
Do not let go of your favorite artist from the scene, sparing palms. Schyrishyh applause, I, for one, have never heard. Returning back to the stage to finally Frirson performed a song about a woman of his dreams and gave her name - Maria. This is definitely satisfaction in the audience and on this joyful tone rivne singer and left the scene. People continued to applaud in the hope of more singular way, but .. all good once over.
But the festival Art Jazz Cooperation - is a pleasant exception to the rule. This year it ended, but the following equation will cheer again necessarily quality, jazz, and most importantly - your favorite music. And there may be a doubt that next year's concert days are more saturated and bright.
Inevitably suggests the idea that through this festival, Jazz in Rivne will live forever.

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