AJC 2001


First day.
So, what have been waiting Rinve connoisseurs of jazz finally happened. One of the most awaited events of the year in Rivne - International Jazz Festival Art Jazz Cooperation '11 - was. And not just as a huge success.
The first concert of the festival opened a day of local musicians - Big Band Rivne Palace of children and youth. They are not only easy and good evening started, but once again proved the public that jazz in Rivne lives and will prosper.
Another delight of listeners to the stage of the Rivne Regional Music and Drama got another representative PDMu - Julia Tymochko. Some already had a jazz event in Rivne do without this performer. She confirmed the fact that in Rivne jazz not only know how to play first-class, but no worse than sing.
And plenty of "feeding" the local jazz equation, they "gave hot" - Belarusian jazz-band «Muzzart». According to the musicians themselves, they have the homeland they can not clap their hands, but jazz - there are no prohibitions. That's what they showed. From standards - to tango Piazzolla, author of things with oriental motives - to works of serious, emotional, such as those forced to go deep into ourselves and search there answers to eternal questions. Very public fell soul Belarus "muzartivtsi" and release them from the scene was difficult. Proof of this was loud, long and, most importantly, sincere applause for "Syabry."
After intermission, during which there could see the annual exhibition of photography competition
"Jazz Emotions", see and buy hand-made by local craftsmen and compete at auction for exclusive pictures of performers in the style of "Quick-Pick", they awaited continuation of the first concert of the festival day. Continuation was impressive, interesting and very cold.
First, after the break, the band was invited on stage with solar Georgia «Asea Sool». Clearly define the style of collective hard. After all, they have so many features, while typical of many different styles and on the other hand - these different elements. But most performers his style called ethno-jazz. From the first sound the audience charmed this atmosphere of Georgia. But at first glance, the attention was riveted to the guitarist who played the guitar ... bow! Guitarist team uses in the game a variety of electronic gadgets. The very same tool is a work of art which can be converted into a violin or cello, and make sounds like wind, animals or chorus of Tibetan monks. However, no tools, even the most interesting, not to be compared with the charismatic, energetic, beautiful soloist «Asea Sool». Voice and genuinely emotional performer immediately gained favor in the hall. Compositions were different among themselves, and myself will never know what to expect and how to end next composition. Someone, this music is sharp, seasoned with the charm of the Georgian language was struck, someone - always fell on the soul, but one thing we know for sure - the level of this performance artists have not yet seen.
And in contrast to previous performers on stage came the team «Traditional Jazz Quartet». The staff are Polish, but all its members are Ukrainian, who long ago left their homeland, or half-Ukrainian. All of them, being on stage Rivne oblmuzdram theater by example set the audience at ease and smile and gave him the best jazz tradition. One of the musicians - Sergei Kryuchkov - for his extraordinary voice of the French journalists received the nickname "White Louis." All of us, and so guess who compared the frontman of the Polish-Ukrainian team, but having heard his performance in the legendary «Wonderful Life» and «Fly Me To The Moon», no longer have any doubt - French journalists were right.
«Traditional Jazz Quartet» so liked equations, which has long refused to release the scene. And performers gladly done another song.
So traditional, jazz and a good note, ended the first day of the festival concert. And ahead of equations and Rivne guests waited one more, not less intense and bright day festival «Art Jazz Cooperation».

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