Evening of jazz on film «Art Jazz Cooperation» Cinema Center 2011 and "Era"

Evening of jazz on film «Art Jazz Cooperation» Cinema Center 2011 and

On 1st of September at 19-30

It all started with that on the first day of the 20th century ship "Virginia" in the box from the lemons were found baby. The boy grew up and spent his entire life on a huge ocean liner that kursuvav between America and Europe never went ashore.Mysteriously learned to play the piano, Danny Budmann TD Lemon 1900 and became a real virtuoso and entertained the audience by playing in the restaurant orchestra.

Associated with it tremendous history, and his life turned into a fascinating legend that at one time inspired Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore in a musical film "The legend of the pianist."

In turn, the story of brilliant virtuoso pianist struck Kiev Masha Portnikov and encouraged to write monodrama "1900. A good story, "in which Masha's brother, composer, actor and jazzman Mike Kaufman Portnikov tells the story of a jazz artist, who when he wanted - playing Jazz ...

Dive into the unique atmosphere of jazz and hear - see - touch "Legends of the pianist" in two different self-interpretations you can, go to the "Evening of Jazz films" to be held September 1, 2011 at 19-30 in the cinema center "Era". "Evening of Jazz Film" will take place within the international jazz festival «Art Jazz Cooperation" 2011.

To a rich program of film of the evening will include jazz monodrama "1900. A good story "to play Alessandro Barrikko, communication with the director, composer and actor monodrama Mike Kaufman - Portnikov and review of the movie" Legend of the pianist "

Ticket price - 20 USD., They can be ordered by phone (067)240-13-01.

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