Terms of booking

Terms of booking

Info to order for the city of Rivne

Ladies and gentlemen, for further booking encourages you to read the plan rooms of the Rivne Regional Music and Drama Theatre - the venue of the festival «Art Jazz Cooperation» 2013.
Address: Rivne, Theatre Square, 1.

After reviewing the plan seating here and selecting them at will, you should call the administrator - call 43-29-73 (if calling from Rivne) +380 949 662 973 (if calling from other cities) and ordered the place to yourself and your friends.

Calling You specify: the date of the concert, № range and number of seats.
For booking and delivery of tickets you are providing your surname, name and patronymic, telephone number.

For orders of 4 or more tickets, their delivery within the levels of free. Delivery is to your address at the agreed time.

Organizers of the festival and later try to make tickets more convenient.

Thank you for your dedication to jazz and commitment to us!
Administration festival
«Art Jazz Cooperation»

To order tickets, call:
Rivne: call 43-29-73 (if calling from Rivne), tel. 63-34-47 (office of the theater) 380 949 662 973 (if calling from other cities).
Lutsk: + 38 (0332) 24 04 24, (050) 438 58 29

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